In this guide we will learn how Helium Program Library contracts work, how to set it up, and more!

Quick tip

If you are looking for a quick start guide, check out the Getting Started guide.


Helium Program Library is a collection of solana programs used for the Helium Network. It is designed to be modular and flexible so that it can be used for a wide variety of use cases.

Helium Sub Daos

Helium Sub Daos manages the daos and rewards structure of the Helium ecosystem. Other programs in the ecosystem are expected to call out to helium sub daos to update rewardable actions, like issuing a new hotspot and burning data credits

Data Credits

Data credits manages the soulbound helium data credits, and how they can be burned to do several actions on the network. It also manages reading from an oracle to allow burning HNT for data credits

Helium Entity Manager

Helium Entity Manager is responsible for issuing the various types of hotspots and rewardable entities that Helium supports (wifi, iot, mobile hotspots, mobile mappers, etc)

Lazy Distributor

The lazy distributor is an oracle-powered token distributor that distributes tokens to holders of particular NFTs as specified by oracles.